Dear Guests

Welcome to our hotel! This is a short guide to tell you about our house and help you throughout your stay. We’re located in the village of Oreshak, near the city of Troyan and a short walking distance from Troyan Monastery. Our GPS coordinates are 42.878011,24.774218.


You can access a free WiFi network throughout our hotel, however it is password protected. You can find the password written down on a card near the TV in your room. Just in case you can’t find it – the password is “64889294” on all of our networks.


We have a big kitchen that our guests can use to prepare and eat in. It has every appliance and piece of cutlery you might need. All you need to do is get some groceries. That can be done in our local grocery stores. There are plenty of options to choose from – we’ve one of them on this map (a 5 min walk)


In case you don’t want to cook – there are a lot of restaurants and pubs nearby. Kaizer is actually in the building next to ours. Tchardaka is 160m down the street and shown on the map below.


Your room will have a key on its front door with a key chain with the room number. Crime is practically non-existent in our village, however feel free to lock your belongings in your room and carry the key with you. Don’t forget to leave, before checking out!